Guard Capital invests in fast-growing profitable companies going through an expansion phase in their business development and participates in promising start-up projects in a wide range of industries. The fund specializes in investments in telecom and Internet projects with investment volumes of US$ 2 to 5 million and with payback periods within 5 years.

Guard Capital’s main goal is to achieve excellent financial results by providing valuable intellectual assets, business experience and expertise for each of its portfolio companies.

The fund’s team has many years’ experience of investing in and managing Russian and international companies. The combination of the wealth of corporate finance experience with the focus on telecommunications and the Internet makes the fund a unique business.

Guard Capital was founded in 2009 by a group of private Russian investors. Since its inception, the fund has invested in tens and is now considered as a notable player with a diverse venture portfolio of promising projects in the Russian venture capital market.

We believe that the Internet segment will be one of the main growth drivers in venture capital markets. This belief is supported by the fact that IT companies are reported to have the fastest capitalization growth rates in Fortune Global 500. Experts agree in their estimates that the number of Russian-speaking Internet users will show an increase of at least 20% in the next three years.

We will grow with the market, using all the material and intellectual resources available to us. We will grow together with the proactive teams which develop breakthrough products and use innovative technologies and business models.

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